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Xiaomi prepares to open more than 1,000 stores in the next four years


The evolution of Xiaomi over these last five years has been astonishing and surprising well. What was a startup, its growth has been impressive simplemeente. Now you Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, has been part the ambitious plans of this company to expand its presence through offline.

The goal is to move 25 stores Xiaomi to the 1,000 by 2020. You have already commented on several occasions Xiaomi plans to land in the United States and in other countries, since we are still left with the desire to have a support as offering Huawei or some of its terminals are between the repertoire from operators.

Xiaomi is an of the companies Android more popular out of China and is has become in one of the manufacturers top in all the world. With those smartphones, like the two new Xiaomi my 5s and my 5S Plus, where specifications, finishes and price are the Holy and sign of this manufacturer which not to pass the $ 350; you understand the success of this company.

He success of this manufacturer is located in them channels online, although in the future this could change considerably, since the idea is that them consumers can test their products in them own shops. Its objective is have 1,000 stores open by 2020.

Already is in China where Xiaomi has 25 shops, where is offer all type of products of the own repertoire of the company china. What unknown is where is focus that expansion, so of time is left in your own House. If we know that Huawei has more than 10,000 stores in China, we can get an idea where will be first.

This movement is given by the negative figures obtained sales in the last quarter in China, so a real presence would benefit you.

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