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Xiaomi this year will not be at the Mobile World Congress


It seems that this year the Mobile World Congress will be a little scruffy by the lack of Samsung, since it announced that it would not announce its new Galaxy S8 delayed its release until March and reach the market supposedly in April. And the bad thing is not be just Samsung, but also seems that it will be autumn the MWC by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s China will prevent attendance at the event, according to maintains a company spokesman. This new movement, cannot be understood since it was assumed that Xiaomi address MWC, although news of the departure of Hugo Barra will possibly have something to do, because it was the same last year which took the stage to present the 5 Mi Xiaomi, something that initially was going to happen with Xiaomi Mi 6.

Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest events for the global industry mobile, where he attended by 100,000 people and has a greater reputation as the place to show the latest innovations in the development of mobile devices.

Xiaomi already presented for the first time a mobile device at MWC in 2015 from the hand of Hugo Barra, Xiaomi Mi 5. Quite an event, because it looked like the first step to an expansion to the Western market, the disappearance of the Chinese manufacturer of the scenes in Barcelona, is something that will have its impact, aside from tarnish the star having the MWC.

Hugo Barra announced his departure Monday after 3 years and a half in the company to end up finally as Chief of Oculus VR on Facebook. I may be one of the reasons not foreseen by Xiaomi, so behind the scenes may be more than that initially has presented to us. Something logical on the other hand to not do is damage between the different parts of a dissociation.

It will now be know when Xiaomi will present the Mi 6.

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