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Xiaomi will continue without selling their products in the United States or in Europe

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One of the most promising smartphones nowadays is Xiaomi. Their smartphones are traditionally associated with good design and quality, and very contained prices however, even to this day it is still difficult to get them for many users.

While recent years Xiaomi has expanded its presence to 30 markets in the United States and Europe only it is possible to buy their products through importers. And according to statements made by Wang Xiang, senior Vice President of the company, in an interview with Engadget, it seems that Xiaomi is not ready to sell their Smartphone in the United States.

As pointed out Wang Xiang in his statements to Engadget, despite the suggestion of Hugo Barra (whose functions has taken after his departure from the company) of a possible launch of smartphones Xiaomi in United States sometime in 2017, which seeks Xiaomi is “serving developed markets” as its priority is not to gain a foothold in markets premium , but are “looking for a market of masses […] and we want innovation for all”.

On the other hand, it is also important to the issue of carriers companies, whose power in countries such as the United States is critical. In fact, some companies like OnePlus have timidly entered the U.S. market selling directly to consumers. For Wang, this is not an option that is successful because it could jeopardize the relationship of Xiaomi with U.S. companies, something that could be very important later.

Seems therefore, that if we want a smartphone Xiaomi in United States or Europe, we will have to continue to rely as far to the via not officiatesl of importers which, however, are becoming an important egg in the market.

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