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Xperia Ear will come to Canada this summer according to Sony

Xperia Ear

Sony is one of the companies that are betting on another series of products more towards the Internet of things and announced at the Mobile World Congress, which was held earlier this year in Barcelona. A special moment in which we find those “connected” gadgets that can be passed from virtual assistants to a small robot that greet us when we get home after a hard day at work.

These gadgets were the Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye, Xperia Agent and its concept Xperia Projector. Sony said that it would be presented to the next and it seems that we already have the first landing as a real product that Canadians may purchase this summer. The first of these is the Xperia Ear, a gadget as a handset that has as main objective the personal assistance.

Personal virtual assistants are other roads that we went to that “Internet of things”. Google has opted to do this with Google Home in 2016 I/o and Sony will bring the Xperia Ear as a handset connected by Bluetooth that will function as a voice-driven personal assistant. The attachment is only compatible with Android smartphones and offers the user the ability to answer calls, send messages and emails, receive traffic updates, check the weather and acquire addresses for a specific destination, since even is also compatible with Google Now.

A curious device for virtual assistance which we ignore has its price, but that will be distributed around the world, starting first in Canada this summer. We know because Don Mesa, Director de Marketing de Sony Mobile in North America, said in an interview that will be available sometime in late summer. Another device more that is targeted to the personal assistance.

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