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You can already join the Dark Knight in Batman the TellTale Series

Batmen the TellTale Series

Batman fans were waiting for that TellTale Games decided to launch its next great adventure in which has as main protagonist to the Dark Knight. A study that has been dedicated to bring to the screen of your Android what are the most striking stories, more difficult to take decisions and a well meaningful visual diversity.

Yesterday released the first episode of Batman the TellTale Series. The first of which will be launching Play Store and that this follows the launch of the third, but on the platforms not mobile. The first episode is called Realm of Shadows and will take you to a host of decisions to take for the thread take you by various means. So begins your journey as Bruce Wayne/Batman in a series that promises to be exciting.

You will have to go into the psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the potential consequences of the decisions that are taken as the Dark Knight. One violent Gotham City awaits you that will be triggering all sorts of stories that you will find the most mythical characters of the comic.

Batman the TellTale Series

But surely one of the most interesting, and taken as a great novelty, is that Batman the TellTale series includes the call as “Crowd Play”. Essentially it is a multiplayer mode that allows the player to ask for the advice or decision at a time when vital history to make to decide “them” with your vote that you way has to take. This is achieved through a web browser connected form online.

If are prepared for enter in the night and endangerment in which is find Batman, the first episode is located of form free in the Google Play Store. The following will be payment, so you can already go opening bite to start in the frantic Gotham City.

Download: Batman – The Telltale Series (Free+, Google Play) →

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