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You can already listen to music while you go to hunt in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO

While we expect that more monsters of Gen 2 in Pokémon GO for Valentine’s day, as we heard today same, this game that broke an apotheosis way across the globe, has an interesting and exciting news for those who go out to hunt Pokemons every day.

And it is that since version 0.55.0 for Android, one that seems in advance does not bring something interesting with it, many users are finding a good striking feature, and is that music is no longer interrupted when this is started until the game was launched. This means that you can listen to your favorite music while fighters in Pokémon GO.

Previously, the game it pausaría any media player prior to the start, which forced many users to mute the volume on your phone to not hear the sound of the game or stay with the desire to continue enjoying their songs favorite while holding the phone in the streets of your town or city.

IOS players already had this capability previously, which did not take very good reviews by users Android against Niantic. By it seen, the bug that caused the cessation of the emission of the music is should to one related with the own engine of game Unity 3D and had that see with that only is could start the band sound of the own game when is started the split. It has been Unity Technologies which has published a few weeks ago the solution to the bug, just time in the Niantic has been slow to incorporate it into a new version.

The only problem is that play audio while playing, gets to make this sound a little lower, so we recommend to not will rise much for possible damage to the eardrums of the ear.

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