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You can already register to Super Mario Run Google Play store

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Super Mario Run has been criticized of all colors, although rather negative for the simplicity of its gameplay and the high price of its contents of payment which have to pay anything more and less than 10 euros. The first arrival of a mythical character to the mobile, has also managed to beat all records of downloads on Apple’s App Store.

While we are waiting for to reach definitely Android, on the day of today, already you can sign up for the Google Store Play a Super Mario Run to receive the notification at the right time which is available for download. All a news that us puts to days or weeks of that have to one of them characters more legendary of the world of the video games in the Palm of the hand.

Super Mario Run is the first real Nintendo game in the mobile is an endless runner in any rule, although it has some peculiarity than other closest to what have been the platforms that Mario has been starring for decades through the consoles of the Japanese company.

Super Mario Run

In Super Mario Run will advance without stop by each level with those jumps so peculiar and known of Mario. You will need to have a connection to the Internet to play always and you can opt for several game modes if you box to pay so-called 10 euros will also be on Android. Anyway, the game on the Play Store page says nothing about it at the moment.

A great arrival that hope not are more than days for so to enjoy of Mario and their adventures from the OS for devices mobile more installed of the planet. Stay tuned because at the time that is available you can know it from our pages here at Androidsis.

Download: Super Mario Run (Free, Google Play) →

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