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You can buy the OnePlus 3 without having an invitation

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Oneplus has known how to play their cards very well to be noted from the first device launched, which thereupon had CyanogenMod as custom layer and that could only be purchased by invitation, raised such a stir that was released quickly, saving you pass spending millionaire in advertising, because it was word of mouth that got that today we are talking about this startup as one of the important.

Such has been the success of OnePlus, now we have known that you do not need to have an invitation to buy you one of these phones. If today we have been able to be released officially on June 15 in China, co-founder Carl Pey, which has leaked the news of his release, has also added this important information for those who are ready to purchase a OnePlus 3.

In fact, the OnePlus 3 will be sold directly to customers directly as happens with other devices:

“We are excited to the point that we have reached, and therefore we can announce that our new device will be available without invitations from day one”

For us, on June 14 will be the date on which we will have to be vigilant, due to the change in time zone and being in China its presentation. The space for the ad is “The Loop”, created to recreate the launch of the virtual reality experience proposal last year with the announcement of the OnePlus 2. But this time, when they give a step forward so that those who attend the event may be submerged with experience that can give a virtual reality device such as the VR Gear.

The owners of a VR Loop will be the first able to acquire a OnePlus 3, which means that we will be an event of global launch in an experience of virtual reality in which can be purchased from the same. It seems that OnePlus is stubborn in that we continue talking about their ways of launching products and in this we are with this same entry.

Also yesterday threw itself “The Lab”, an analysis program in which selected 30 will receive a 3 OnePlus, so don’t miss your chance.

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