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You can create ‘Moments’, the new way of telling stories on Twitter


Twitter has already opened in Spain the ability to create Twitter moments for anyone who wants to use them. The company announced that the creators anywhere can start recreating moments from today and for this purpose the social network has given some tips so you can start to share that content from Twitter.

Twitter moments were introduced this year as a way to find various stories from Twitter and selected editors. It was limited to Twitter, but it is now open so that everyone can create them. Who are accustomed to Snapchat, you will remember to Snapchat Stories, that allows continue to users and publications to be attentive to what happens in the world.

To create a Twitter moments you have to go to your profile and click on the tab ‘Moments’. Then you have to select the subject, the cover and add up to 10 different Tweets. The best part of these moments is that not need use them Tweets of you same or your followers, but you can create them from any profile of Twitter.

Now anyone can create their moments and enjoy a new way of telling stories on Twitter through a collection of Tweets

-Twitter Spain (@TwitterSpain) September 28, 2016

An interesting initiative from Twitter when we know that there are large companies behind the purchase of this network social of micromensajes, as met of Disney these days back. The reality is that Twitter has had enough movements lately with new updates and features that have expanded the miras of this network social towards other horizons.

Twitter also has been left nothing in the dark with these features, moments can be marked as private to leave so that only you can access them having the shared link. Them have already available both in the version web as in the version mobile from the app official. Interesting news for having greater diversity of content from this social network that could fall into the hands of Disney.

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