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You can create simple polls with Google Allo

Google Allo será lanzada el próximo 21 de septiembre

We are not revealing any secret if we say that the new instant messaging application from Google, Allo, has not achieved the success expected by the company , or rather, wanted. That is why, with the idea that service more attractive and can expand to grow in terms of number of users, the search engine giant not braking in Add constantly new features and functions.

The last of these novelties are sure that you’ll be pleased you if you are a user of Allo already now the application allows you to create a simple survey as it is possible to make other similar services or social network.

The news has come at the hands of Amit Fulay, the head of Google (Allo and Duo) product, who has shared in a public way through a message on social networking site Twitter accompanied by the following image:

As you can already imagine all, create a survey in Allo is really very simple. All you have to do is to write “@yesno” (in reference to the two possible answers, yes or no) in the chat followed by the question that you want to do. The mini-survey is created automatically and all the participants in that conversation will have the option of voting.

In addition, at all times the number of votes will be seen and there is the option to also close the survey at any time.

Obviously, the big limitation of the new feature is that polls created only support the answers Yes or No. At the moment custom responses, cannot be set while it is assumed that it will be possible in the near future.

Meanwhile, the company continues to work on new features, including a next web desktop version for use on any computer.

The new simple polls feature is available for all users of Allo. Have you tried it already? What do you think?

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