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You will feel the roar of Formula 1 on your Android with Codemasters F1 2016

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The weekend past Nico Rosberg is made with the Championship world of Formula 1. An F1 which we encouraged all with the great Fernando Alonso when he got the Boca with Renault and which still continue, although they were the best other years. A competition of racing of cars of Formula 1, in which the runners is play the type to the pass those curves to the maximum speed possible and that them video games have tried always emulate from them consoles or PC. Codemasters takes already his years with the license and has released them different editions of games, so in these days have the arrival to them smartphones both in Android as in iOS.

F1 2016 now available on Android so you can slip into your overalls of pilot and know what is the din of a career when you’re a racer you hot on heels and another by braking full of malice, so you have to get out of the circuit and can continue their misdeeds while waiting to change tires or filling. A Formula 1 that comes to Android in a great format and with all the intensity that is you expected to a video game of this carving that surprises by its great quality technical and by its price, 9.99€. If it yours is the Formula 1, follow to Fernando Alonso or have to Vettel or Hamilton as your best runners, not searched of missing to the appointment that proposes Codemasters with F1 2016.

The F1 is lives intensely from your smartphone

F1 2016 is a game of racing that you leads to know what is feels when are with the helmet, the mono of pilot and with the steering wheel in your hands. You can enjoy throughout an entire season, a single race or a test trial in any of the 21 official circuits of the 2016 season.

F1 2016

You will have the best pilots of the world such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Sergio Pérez and so many others among which we must remember to Carlos Sainz. He game has to 11 teams and to them 22 pilots of the season 2016, by what not missing nobody to this great quotes that is the Formula 1 from the screen of your brand new smartphone. You will even have the possibility of knowing in a simulated way spectacular circuit of Baku city.

F1 2016

He mode Championship you will allow play during all the season full of 2016 in the order that you want. You also have the custom season to choose tracks or circuits that you come in wins. Not can ignore career fast and weekend career, that include the tests of training free and classification. Finally, remaining around the clock and test weekly, with what will have much content to enjoy.

2.67 GB of great game

Complete version of the game released in summer by Codemasters, so we are first and foremost a simulator in Android and where others have been waiting that all CPUs and graphics improve. This game offers everything you may expect and be served some good striking features related to a smartphone. That Yes, it offers no multiplayer, so it will be a question of new editions in which we can enjoy take games against each other.

F1 2016

That Yes, see preparing 2.67 GB of video game to load all those circuits and a smartphone or well powerful tablet of the latest batch to show your friends how well it works your device. Also remember to close all apps before this game, since it consumes many resources.

You have £ 9.99 with all of its contents without any extra payment or advertising. Formula 1 on your smartphone from now.

Technical quality

F1 2016

An excellent in its graphical completion, sound game and all those elements designed to perfection. 2.67 GB of data are many textures of high quality, vehicle design and everything that gets that races are fast-paced and not have unmatched currently in Android. There is no same game currently F1 2016, so simply only will you it you lose?

Opinion of the editor


  • The F1 in all its essence
  • 2.67 great video game
  • High technical level


  • You need a powerful smartphone

Download application

Download: F1 2016 (€9.99, Google Play) →

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