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You will have to wait until September to buy Pokemon GO Plus attachment

Pokémon GO

If Pokémon GO has been able to be downloaded over 50 million times on Google Play Store, shudders to think how many units of your Pokemon GO Plus wearable can be sold when available on the market. It is a wearable for the game that has some good interesting benefits and that fans of this game surely that does not think to buy it.

Pokemon GO going to flood the streets with these bracelets, but there will be that wait until the month of September for to buy the wearable Pokemon GO Plus. In our country was planned the sale for August 12, so you have to arm yourself with a bit of patience to get one of the accessories that really measure the impact of this game in our society, and those habits are changing for many.

And if this accessory succeed, that we remember that we could see the streets flooded with more merchandising and all kinds of related articles with this game, since it is one that people forced to leave home for game of Pokemon, so best to go well custom. Is matter of months that some fashion is the tilde as the pokemania or of any form that has of materialize is.

Pokémon GO Plus

Pokemon Go Plus is an accessory that you allows play to Pokemon Go without having that look constantly to the screen of the smartphone. It will match with the terminal through the bluetooth and alerts notifications of events such as the emergence of a Pokemon or a pokeparada or gym to activate the LED lights and through the use of vibration.

An accessory that will be on sale for 39.90 euros, and that as Nintendo has confirmed via his Twitter account, will have to wait a few weeks so that on September 12 you can buy it.

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