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YouTube Kids app expands its presence to more smart TV

La app de YouTube Kids expande su presencia a más televisores inteligentes

YouTube Kids is the version of the popular app’s YouTube adapted to the smallest of the House. Launched at the beginning of the year 2015, Google has announced its expansion to a greater number of smart TVs under the signatures of the manufacturers Samsung, Sony and LG, which added YouTube Kids to their list of compatible applications.

The application of YouTube Kids for the smartTV provides a design much more colorful and bright than the “normal” application of YouTube, but more importantly, that includes content appropriate for the age of the children, also enable parents to control the type and amount of content their children can view, including blocking the videos or channels deemed inappropriate.

Google has reported that since its launch in February 2015, YouTube Kids has generated more than 30,000 million visits and currently receives about 8 million active per week spectators.

Currently, you can download YouTube Kids in the same 26 countries in which the normal YouTube application is available for all models of the years 2015 to 2017 of TVs LG with webOS TV, via the store’s contents LG, along with all the Smart TV of the year 2013 to 2017. The application is also available for all players Blu-Ray Samsung for the same period of time that have access to the App Store from Samsung. Finally, a firmware update of all Sony smart TVs 2016-2017 models will add access to YouTube Kids, with the exception of Sony TVs that use Android TV, although Google said, without providing a concrete release date, that compatibility with Android TV will be announced in the future.

Since YouTube Kids is also available in Spain, do you use it so that your children can see videos? Do you think its contents and, above all, its controls parentalas?

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