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YouTube overhauls them actions and description of video for a better access


Google is companies that most enhance each one of their most popular apps as it is the same YouTube (days ago launched an update for Smart TVs). An app that we still hope, since in those updates that launches YouTube, let a little side what are the channels that we are subscribed to leave them in a minimum set of icons which are hard to press, and if you have dozens of them, sometimes it is difficult to find one.

He has now had the time to more buttons we usually use in the videos on YouTube. Is mismamente a new setting in the interface of the app for what is a new layout and an animation curious when expand the description of the video. It is where you will find the majority of the shares for the video now.

You can quickly see the two States of the new UI. On the left side, everything is grouped so that, by clicking on the arrow, the description expands to a larger buttons make it to give to the I like, I don’t like, share, save and add to the list. Is thanks also that is use an animation of quality that follows the language of design that is can see in the Quick Settings in Nougat.

What we do not understand where is the options button of the video to change the quality and so on, so that will be thing of wait we have it all in our YouTube app. As with the majority of changes of YouTube, this arises from the server-side, so you don’t have or download a new APK so that you can find in the coming days this new interface to access the buttons that we usually use for most important actions when we reproduce a video on YouTube.

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