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YouTube test with a new notification system to keep abreast of the subscriptions


Since more than one year ago, YouTube has been gradually separating from the fusion that had with Google + a few years ago. In these mergers so strange that it has carried out, it has had to take reverse gear not only on YouTube but on those chat apps and other services as Hangouts.

It is now when YouTube is testing a new notification system that is completely independent of a Google + that seems to have stayed stagnant, it is services that less news we have been collecting over the years. Now you will only be see if such experiments become actually. Get to know them.

The new notification system, which is now being deployed in some users, in that special way having Google’s try news, replaces the previous system of notifications from Google + with notifications only from YouTube. This new experience, it puts the focus on your subscriptions, to send a new notice whenever a channel to which you have subscribed upload a new video, provided that you have enabled notifications for that channel in particular.

It is not clear if this new notifications panel will also display the comment notifications for content creators, but as it is settled, it seems to be only subscriptions. The icon of settings in the panel directed to them users to it section of notifications of them settings of YouTube, where is can activate or disable them same in the channel that one wants to.

However, these tests are still being deployed and not shown to the world yet. If for whatever you have them already in your account, you have the option to return to the previous version to delete the cookies in your browser, although it seems, has more functionality.

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