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YouTube test with the me gustas, reactions and more in the comments from the app


Something that we missed in absence from YouTube for Android app was the ability to give to me like, I do not like you and more comments in the videos. A number of features that are present on the website and allow us to relate in another way when we release our opinion in one of the millions of videos that teem by this platform.

But this seems that it is changing from today when there are certain users who are seeing a new interface of comments in YouTube for Android app with a series of well interesting features and which put it to the same height as the web version. This means that you can give to me gustas, reactions and more from your YouTube app on your mobile device if at the end he moved everyone in the final version.

There is now a button to give to the I like or dislike in each comment, an indicator of how many responses received and an option to expand the view of those answers on a separate page. Another detail is the ability to sort the comments among first new or comments that have received more positive points. Although the visual appearance more bundles at a first glance, it is really more functional than the current interface which is based on a pop-up window.

This new interface appears from the server-side, so you may not have it still active and some of your contacts Yes. You can also stay as a kind of test of Google to test if this interface is worth to have it in the hundreds of comments that can be seen from a screen of smaller dimensions as it is a smartphone.

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