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YouTube updated its app for Smart TVs to be more easy play content

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More that are becoming we use our Smart TV to see our favorite YouTube channels. From the comfort of go by selecting them videos from our smartphone Android, can play them in a screen of many inch where can create a list of playback devised to entertain us during a good time.

Us serve of the app of YouTube in the Smart TVs for this same committed and is now when is has updated the app so is even more easy its use in a screen of great size. A new version of the application is being deployed and that is characterized by a new visual look and a better organization of the categories for users who are used to using it instead of your smartphone.

The company has found that users tend to see specific videos when playing YouTube on your TV, including news, sports, fitness videos, and much more. Meanwhile, the kids of the House are entertained on YouTube to see cartoon series and other shows.

It is the new interface that YouTube gets that is easier to see all of that kind of content. Has moved the categories out of the menu side and it has led to the part superior of the screen. Now you will see the categories in this space such as “recommended”, “trend”, “entertainment” and more. In each of these categories, there will be subcategories for specific video content.

YouTube claims that half of those from 18 to 49 years in United States have seen YouTube on your TV, which confirms the ability of this app to get attention, so this update will be more than welcome.

The update is being deployed in the United States and other countries will see the update soon.

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