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Zombieville USA 2 challenges you to the zombie apocalypse with a great shoot ‘ em up

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Mika Mobile has a somewhat complicated history with Android. A study of video games that has had great popularity in iOS and Android had their disagreements when in 2012 announced that it would no longer publish games for this platform due to piracy and that it brought to light the problems that exist in that year for video game developer for this OS. The thing has changed a lot over the years and was in 2014 when it returned to appear in the Play Store with the great Battleheart Legacy, a game in which we are at the controls of a group of heroes who try to eradicate all daemon and unclean beast of this world.

This week we have had two great titles return to Android. On the one hand we have to Zombieville USA in a free format and its second part, Zombieville USA 2. The second was already launched in iOS long ago and has been now when it has returned again to Android. Although we are not talking about a video game that has been released recently, I can not afford not to review it in this review because of the high quality that has in some ways like the gameplay and a graphic style to the comic that brings lots of fun and entertainment as a shoot ‘ em up those of height. An arcade side scrolling that immerses us in around a zombie apocalypse that we have to survive as it is.

A whole arsenal is waiting for you

Already in the first Zombieville USA highlighted the use of all kinds of weapons to get out in front of those damn zombies trying to us to become your bait. In that first version the game moved laterally. The difference in the Second Edition is that we can move downward and upward to occupy a large area in which we must know to move us to confront those hordes of zombies.

Zombieville USA 2

A game in which we will have to go to face us with all those zombies throughout different levels and whereas, to that end, we will have at our disposal a good set of weapons that you can unlock with the money we go getting in the game. As much as the first Zombieville as the second they have many similarities, so if you have previously passed through any of them, you’ll find as if were at home. The only thing this 2 Zombieville has more content to unlock which leads to having more hours of enjoyment ahead.

It riddled all zombie that gets you ahead

One of the best feelings you will get when you take a game to this arcade is the combat itself with which you will enjoy as a dwarf poking, dismembering or throwing grenades to see how all those dangerous zombies jump through the air.

Zombieville USA 2

Other virtues are different characters you can unlock and which entail that we us a laugh. The truth is that here have been able to find the appropriate key to offer one great variety of characters like those zombies that will pass.

Zombieville USA 2 appears as a new game on Android if it was available for a time in iOS. Now is back with more content than ever had the previous version was available in the Google Play Store and that retired shop at the end of support. You have the first charge and Zombieville USA 2 £ 1.09 without micropayments within the application.

Technical quality

Zombieville USA 2

Zombieville USA 2 has a distinctive graphic style style to the cartoon and a colourful environment, main characters and the zombies. It also has high-quality visual effects of all weapons as well as explosions that will suffer those damn zombies. A video game that has great quality as a whole and that return to Play Store is all a joy to users who like the zombies and the good arcade games.

Opinion of the editor


  • Its visual appearance to the cartoon
  • Too much content
  • Its quality in general


  • We look forward to having it so late…

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