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ZTE dropped a video that is a new smartphone, the A610 Plus Blade


ZTE continues on its journey of trying to be more present to a public that has fan talking about the Huawei when someone close want a smartphone with good support and quality, or the Xiaomi, when you want the best in specifications without being an eye of the face and to which amount you do not receive adequate support.

The company china has posted a video teaser for an imminent smartphone. Published by ZTE India on his official Twitter account, the video does not reveal the name of the device, but it gives an idea closer to what would be his design; one that is based on that horizontal strip that runs along the top of the back of the phone to the HTC.

The terminal that is shown in the teaser video that dropped the Chinese company, would be the ZTE Blade A610 Plus. The reports maintain that the main attraction of this mobile device is its huge 5000 mAh battery.

“Hello again, India!”

-ZTE India (@ZTEIndiaSocial) January 30, 2017

Other rumours carry with them the rest of the specifications as it would be a SoC MediaTek MT6750T, a 5.5 inch 1080 p display, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, 13MP and 8MP camera, support 4G VoLTE and Android Marshmallow. This last specification sounds quite rare for months at us in that already many devices come with Nougat.

A device that stands out for its fingerprint sensor located in the Center of the back to be precisely located on the top camera lens. Design rounded corners and that horizontal Strip leaving the top with great elegance.

This terminal, would be on February 3, when it would be tabled as the Chinese company is sending the relevant invitations to know all of that device which will be announced in the India. The Blade A610 Plus would be the star shining in that event.

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