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ZTE wants you to help him to decide the name of your smartphone’s crowdfunding


This year we had the opportunity of help to Google for naming Android N. From a web destined to this, is could choose the name so so the great G had a better idea of how could appoint to that update that finally is was with the name of Nougat, or as know here to the nougat.

ZTE is devising something similar with their campaign “Crowd Source X” or CSC for the idea of a next device that has been “designed” by them own users. While it ended up defining the set of specifications, what is unknown is the name, so the Chinese company will ask the “crowd” for a name for this terminal.

In a bid for a major coup in the U.S. market, ZTE conducted a campaign to anything conventional. CSX released for different ideas for your unique and interesting device that will sell next year. It only that this form of get ideas, can get to be a task Herculean to the have that be dealing with a large amount of opinions.

But it was after three months of votes and more goings, that “the masses” decided to self adhesive device, a user interface optimized with eyes and “split screen” or split-screen technology tracking system. Which means a smartphone that can be attached at any point and has eye tracking technology. Surely that tarry a little puzzled by what may determine such surveys and decisions made by a mass of people.

Now ZTE is asking for the name of that terminal “ZTE Project CSX” from this link. At the moment, the name that is most popular is ZTE Enki, though there is still far to determine which will be the final name. December 5 is the deadline to do so.

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