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HTC denies that will manufacture a smartwatch with Android Wear


This week came the rumor about the possibility that HTC is preparing for the launch of a smarwatch. Among all this flow of leaks and rumors, becomes difficult to discern which is a fake and which has some sign of being true, so sometimes undertakes to leave the arena manufacturers to deny such news these days in.

An HTC Executive said this morning that categorically it be for settled the issue of the manufacture of a smartwatch by your company, since the news about that possibility is completely false. Last week we had this filtration where is wrote to HTC with Under Armour in a smartwatch Android Wear in the heat of the version 2.0 which will arrive in early February.

It is even the same Executive which has been seriously and has made clear that we must put an end to that discussion and rumors. There will be a smart watch Android HTC Wear.

The peculiar image filtered on a connected device Under Armour wearable, is that it was a prototype of a little old and nothing to do with a wearable that was working on this company. The source of the news and that mind has arisen, so it will be in the mystery is unknown.

Another fact to take into account, released from the words of the Executive of HTC, is that for the moment they do not have the idea of launching an Android Wear wearable because it simply does not have any commercial success; something that already know everyone, apart from that no smartwatch has arrived to fit to the great public.

Whatever it was, we have been to other such news rumors that put us before devices that they will never see the light and that are more than the imagination of some.

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