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The best retro music player, if you’re 60, 70 or 80 that you’ll love!

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If a few days ago I presented a music player that was going to the delight of the nostalgic for the 1990s and its iPod Classic, today I bring a similar post but we will teleport further in time, and it is that today I’m going to introduce and recommend the best retro music player for those more old folks including myself I , that knew and lived the time of them tapes of cassette and had that record their songs favorite directly of the radio or make their own compilations directly of their cassette original or of their discs of vinyl equally original.

So if lived in the Decade of 60, 70 or even 80, this retro music player you’ll love you will teleport as if you were Marty McFly to another era known by many, in which there was so much technology and lived another way right now in the times so technological that we have to live more than one would pull the hairs and alucinaría with the things so simple with that enjoyed.

El mejor reproductor de música retro

To begin to tell them that this retro music that will make our Android in a traditional cassette player, it will be able to download official from the own Store Play from Google, the official store of applications for Android, without ads or shopping in the app, or be completely free and clean of dust and straw and with all its features enabled for all.

The retro music player is called Retro Tape Deck mp3 Player and just below these lines I leave direct link for download from own Google Play.

Download Retro Tape Deck mp3 Player free from the Google Store Play

Download: Retro Tape Deck mp3 player (Free, Google Play) →

But, what we offers Retro Tape Deck mp3 Player to be the best player of music retro?

El mejor reproductor de música retro

If have seen the video that you have left in the header of this post, just to the beginning of the same, have could see as I commented that or much less can consider this player of music as the best of the Play Store if it compared with them players of music current and more advanced. So if it is the best and long, is by its retro style that makes our Android literally a cassette tape audio from those that many times some have tried to fix with a pen or even make a Mix with a pair of scissors and glue as we indicated in the original tapes of the 5 MAxMiX I remember.

It best of all of this sensational application for nostalgic that have lived other times, is the great amount of Skins of tapes of cassette original of it time that is include in the application by default and without have that buy or spend is a euro in absolutely nothing of nothing. So, then you leave some of them skins of tapes original that is include in the application, some replicas of cassette original of the time that to more than one or you will make jump them tears or, surely, them open a window to their memories of the last.

Skins of tapes of cassette original that is included by default in the app

Please click to see the pass of slides.

Just you now that, once downloaded and installed the app, Select the Skins more memories you bring your golden age so that, even if it is through that window I’d imagine the past, you teletransportes as Marty Mc Fly in the sensational “Back to the future”trilogy.

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