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The clamshell phone Samsung Galaxy X would be presented this year with two displays OLED

Teléfono plegable de Samsung

Although the commercial availability of folding phones is intended just for the year 2019, it seems that Samsung is preparing to launch an early prototype of Samsung Galaxy X with a dual screen.

According to the Middle Korean The Investor, Samsung has already made orders for some 3,000 prototypes of your smartphone Galaxy X, which is being developed within the framework of a new project of the company known as Project Valley, where all their efforts are focused on the creation of a folding device.

The new Samsung Galaxy X could be bent 180 degrees and would have two screens OLED, connected by a hinge in the middle. This detail is crucial because really folding devices use a single screen. But now it seems that Samsung is testing two screens connected together, which also could inspire in the S8 borderless design.

The implementation of a screen without bevels is also very important, since the company will need two identical panels to help minimize the space between the two screens. Anyway, for now it is not clear if these thousands of prototypes of the Galaxy X will go on sale or not.

If Samsung really plan to sell these prototypes, it is very likely that the next device of this type is the Galaxy Round, which might be available only for the South Korean market.

The creation of a foldable mobile in the true sense of the word, which have a single screen, it is the ultimate goal of the Project Valley of Samsung. Even if Galaxy X in prototype form, the company still has a long way to go to achieve the ideal phone.

Still, the Galaxy X will be an important company to make progress in this sense opportunity, but also to get a feedback from users and industry specialists in order to prepare a future release and see if these mobile would actually deserve the penalty.

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