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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the smartphone the best screen in the world, according to DisplayMate

Galaxy S8 dorado y plata

Smartphones and TVs from Samsung are well known for their bright and colorful screens. But it seems that the Galaxy S8 is taking things to another level, according to DisplayMate, a company specializing in testing of calibration and accuracy of colour screens of different devices.

According to tests conducted at the new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S8 currently has the best screen that can be found on a smartphone after having achieved a rating of “A +“.

We partly already imagined that the Galaxy S8 has one of the best screens, although the boys of DisplayMate come to confirm this with some interesting technical details.

Brightness of 1020 nits, Mobile HDR Premium certification and higher color accuracy

Galaxy S8 por delante

Samsung Galaxy S8

Specifically, the test to which it was subjected Galaxy S8 screen reveals that their “Infinity Display” (Super AMOLED with resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels and a density of 570 pixels per inch) reaches a maximum of 1020 nits brightness. Also, you can cover without problems 113% of the color space DCI-P3 and 142% of the sRGB color space, giving as a result a greater color accuracy even in high ambient light conditions.

On the other hand, the S8 Galaxy is the first smartphone in Mobile HDR Premium of the UHD Alliance Certified, so it is capable of playing videos with the same amount and accuracy of colors that some TVs HDR (high dynamic range).

The S8 Galaxy screen is 18% larger than the screen of the S7 Galaxy, at the same time that boasts a dual environmental sensors to control more precisely the mechanism of automatic brightness. According to the same tests, the S8 Galaxy also has support for four display modes, 3 color spaces and an option to adjust the white point. Each of these modes offers better colors compared to the S7.

Finally, the S8 Galaxy screen also offers best against his predecessor screen viewing angles, and smartphone Video Enhancer mode provides a quality similar to HDR for those photos and videos without coding HDR.

As for the mode Always on Display, Samsung has used a circuit integrated in the S8 and S8 Plus to further reduce energy by this function, though in real life it seems that there is no major enhancements to the S7 this specific section.

Having seen the results of the Galaxy S8 in DisplayMatetests, us not surprising that Apple has asked Samsung many millions of screens OLED iPhone 8. It will remain to be seen if the Galaxy S8 will retain this award until the end of 2017.

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