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Todoist Announces native integration with Google Calendar


Finally, and after several years of intense work, Todoist development team has announced the imminent release of their native with Google Calendar integration in all devices, both iOS such as Android, extension for Chrome, browser, etc.

According to the information provided by the company itself, this long-awaited integration will allow all users of Todoist can “view your tasks on your calendar, and the events in your calendar in your list”.

Todoist, now even more effective for users of Google Calendar

I am sure that you all know in greater or lesser extent Todoist, one of the best and most complete task managers that exist today. If we want to be productive, better leverage our time, do more and better in less and enjoy more free time to dedicate to what most fills us with, it is essential that we are more productive and therefore we need to take a task management system. In it, Todoist is expert allows you to keep track of everything we do, complex projects full of tasks and subtasks in which teamwork is essential, either the purchase of the super list.  Todoist is adapted to the needs of each user in particular and offers incredible features that facilitate the activity of managing your tasks: labels, attach files, reminders, notifications and quick introduction of tasks through natural language, system of “karma” that will encourage you to continue to make progress and much, much more than you can also discover free of charge because while Todoist requires a subscription to enjoy all its functions download is free and for the majority of users will actually be more than sufficient.

But Todoist team seems to work continuously under a dogma, it can always be further enhanced, and under this premise have already announced the imminent launch of Todoist with Google Calendar integration.

In the 10 years of life of Todoist, calendar view has always been one of the most requested features. Create a synchronization without interruptions to two bands with Google Calendar is extremely complex, and our team is always very methodical when it comes to doing well. We are confident that our users – who now have a clearer view of your tasks – will agree that waiting has paid off, said Amir Salihefendic, CEO and founder of Doist.

As we have detailed from Todoist, “it’s a connection to two native bands that allows users of Todoist see their tasks in your calendar, and the events in your calendar in your list”.

This integration, which has taken some years to do it, helps users start your day knowing exactly what and when they have to do, which gives them more confidence when it comes to visualize everything. It is now much easier to book some time in the calendar to focus on the most important tasks of the day and adjust plans on the fly.

How does the integration of Todoist with Google Calendar?

As he has explained to us the team of Todoist, so does the integration with Google Calendar:

Changes in the task or event are synchronized instantly. For example, edit a due date of a task in Todoist will automatically change the date of the event in Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Works also with periodic tasks/events. For example, a weekly event every Wednesday until April 25 in Google Calendar will automatically create a task every Wednesday ending April 25 in Todoist.

• Users can synchronize all tasks of Todoist from all projects (while having an expiration date) or only tasks that belong to a specific project.

• Todoist shared projects will help employees view/add/edit things indirectly in your Google Calendar. For example, if you add a new task in a shared project, automatically be added to your calendar (if that project in particular was previously synchronized with the calendar).

The final integration of Todoist with Google Calendar will be available for all users of both services on 5 April.

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