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6 Mega Man Mobile games are already here to €1,99 each

These weeks past have State announcing the arrival for principles of year of one of the characters more recognized in the industry of the video game, Mega Man. This curious and sympathetic character sheathed in his costume futuristic, made the delights of many players already makes enough years in different consoles, by what not was of wonder that takes much in get to it mobile.

Finally, Capcom has released the port to mobile from their first six Mega Man games. Six titles coming at the moment in which the CES in Las Vegas is booming, so possibly its release might be tarnished. Six titles at a price of €1.99 each.

The first game of Megaman was released in 1987 and is characterized by be devilishly difficult since is required a timing and reflexes well complex that got that many stop of play it to them first of change. Of all forms, managed to be one of those video games more popular.

Mega Man Mobile

Also had different and unique weapons, with which saying of combat to them heads late, a great selection of enemies and traps to avoid and the ability for to choose the level in which wanted to immerse you then. Now have part of this same in Android and iOS so can compensate you of those items

What there is that leave said is that is receiving Capcom enough critical by the lack of performance and by be a mere port without optimize it for it mobile, as should of have been and more with that special protagonist that has so many fans by all the planet.

Another drawback is that you lack the support to drivers, it also is another great handicap having to cope with a difficult game through virtual buttons.

Download: MEGA MAN MOBILE (1.99 €, Google Play) →

Download: MEGA MAN 2 MOBILE (1.99 €, Google Play) →

Download: MEGA MAN 3 MOBILE (€1,99, Google Play) →

Download: MEGA MAN 4 MOBILE (€1,99, Google Play) →

Download: MEGA MAN 5 MOBILE (1.99 €, Google Play) →

Download: MEGA MAN 6 (€1,99, Google Play) MOBILE →

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