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A new smartphone Meizu is filtered with the lateral curved

Meizu Four

If there is something that has given the note this year, apart from the configuration dual in the cameras rear, is the effect curved in them side of several phones of large brands. A trend that started Samsung with its Galaxy S6, so the S7 gave the touch end and demonstrate that is can get to have another type of format in the front of a device Mobile Android.

It is Meizu which we know now, thanks to a new leak that has arising out of form online, a device, called a ‘1206’ code, will have that screen curve, but with the particularity that the curve is transferred to all the sides of the phone, even in the upper and lower part of the same.

Is well clear that each time more phones van to have that completion well striking in the side, although in the event have between hands, them bezels side, although fine, show as not is so similar to it curved of the edge of the Galaxy S7.


Apart from what is that design as significant for that so-called phone Meizu, have the specifications of the phone with chip Exynos 8890 and screen with resolution QuadHD. Also know that the device you could call Meizu Four. A name a little strange for a device and that could realize any of their features, although of the photos is difficult get some type of track that us of light on that name for a new phone of Meizu.

It was just a few days ago when Meizu presented the Meizu PRO 6 Plus and the Meizu M3X. Two phones with very interesting specifications and that put the attention on that day about this manufacturer which is imposed by Xiaomi and many others.

Of the Meizu Four not know more information, so for the price and availability will have that have a bit of patience.

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