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Angry Birds Blast is the clone of Candy Crush devised by Rovio

Rovio wants more and we have seen different games that have tried to distance themselves from Angry Birds, but with a perhaps not so expected result by this study of videogames that found those crazy birds the most disparate characters. An Angry Birds who used as well led in a smartphone objects physics, to thus become little by little with a name in this difficult world of video games. What happens when you have a special character, in this case those sparrows, is that it is quite difficult to create more so have a great repertoire. This is itself the great genius of Nintendo with its wide range of characters in which stands out the great Mario, who is now in the limelight as we all well know.

Angry Birds Blast is the new game from Rovio that brings to them sparrows crazy in a thematic that know all and that so well has known remove all your juice KING with Candy Crash Saga. Angry Birds Blast is a game puzzle quite rewarding in the tone visual and lively and that is a copy close to the great game of KING. If you don’t know what to do and you don’t want to spend much money on a thinking mind to bring original ideas to launch games, give a twist to this franchise that so much money has achieved and that secure fit to your fans are waiting for another title that pass it scary to those so crazy sparrows.

Angry Birds to the puzzle

The first time that Rovio is not is passed to the puzzles to show us that in this category also know design games that engage. Nibblers was another title released by this company, although is was again in another mere copies of the success of KING and that allowed that this outside purchased by the great Activision Blizzard.

Angry Birds Blast

This type of category is very well, since fits in the needs of many users that seek a game casual of great quality in it visual, that has some animations entertaining and fun, and that have in if to many levels with which lengthen the time of life of game. Is here where fits to the perfection Angry Birds Blast, as has all those qualities so you it passes during a time quite well with its mechanical well simple and simple, since based simple beats can go passing all those levels.

Puzzles and more puzzles

Have that press on the set of rows of them chips of them same colors for so make them disappear and get those points needed to go passing of level. We will easily have that complete the minimum number of chips of colors that we need and, more or less, this is the gameplay of this game.

Angry Birds Blast

If are capable of create combinations of greater size in chips, can get some chips special that is converted in all some pumps that is will be get which have adjacent. You can use enhancers before it split, and will have a number limit of beats for thus finish the level before you stay without them.

A game that has a good quality, but that is again the same litany of always with this category: colorful, animations and many levels. That Yes, you can have to them characters crazy of Rovio that so fun seem to sometimes. It have of way free in the Play Store with the obvious model freemium.

Quality technical

Angry Birds Blast is not known really for nothing, since in this type of game can not miss the obvious special mark in graphics, some animations that offer dynamism, and a lot of levels to which we are already used in other games. Yes, more of the same.

Opinion of the editor


  • Dynamism in the visuals and animations
  • Have the crazy sparrows


  • More of the same

Download application

Download: Angry Birds Blast (Free+, Google Play) →

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