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Google Cast is converted in Google Home on the Play Store

Google Home

The fight by them gadgets that van to conquer the lounge of our homes is going to be fierce. Have to Echo from Amazon already located, although not available by our lartes, and a Google Home, presented the 4 of October, but that still has that reach to all the regions. Supposedly Apple nor is will be still in this sense, so we will be preparing for this.

Same as what you are doing the Google Play Store that has now changed to your app Google Cast by Google Home. A rather aesthetic, but well significant change is so all it carries to become the nexus for all those products that will be associated with the Internet of things. That Yes, we have wanted to know when we will have a Google Home in Spain.

If in the previous app three tabs, it were already in the new Home only two are: see and discover. Devices can be managed by clicking the icon on the top right, rather than what the search bar at the top of the application. Also is has a button FAB in the corner bottom left. Logical is that still you can carry out a stream of screen and access special offers.


But the most interesting, from a significant, and aesthetic point of view is the icon of Home that we can now find when we move on to install the application. With the shape of a House and the three main colors that relates to Google, these are red, blue, green and yellow, the icon almost could say that represents the Internet of things to the associated products of the big G.

So those who are accustomed to Chromecast, already can do you with the new logo of Google Home.

Download: Google Cast (Free, Google Play) →

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