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Google sells all Pixel XL 128 GB drives in less than 24 hours

Google Pixel

In less than 24 hours after being announced Google Pixel, the variant XL 128 GB officially is out of stock. The version more face of the four available to a price of $869 has been officially sold and who wish to buy the phone of Google will have that wait a little.

A Google Pixel that has been openly criticized from the day which was released as he had never gone to another phone. It is such attention to have been awarded this new device that has reached one of the technological youtubers for the now, mark Brownee, obtain the 2.460.000 reproductions of the first impressions of Pixel.

The barrage of criticism that has received the Pixel is because Android has always played a paper alternative to high-end prices of Apple. Always he was seen as the alternative a little cheaper, totally open and that allows to have more control over everything that happens on the phone. That change of course with this Google phone has managed to even the most ardent fans have criticized it.

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The Google Pixel is a phone that is available in the version normal and the XL in two types of storage: 32 GB or 128 GB. Version 32 GB XL costs $ the 769, while the 128 GB comes to $869. It is the latter which the units have been sold in less than 24 hours.

Now criticism and conspiracies iran probably have very few units manufactured, but you have to know that this marketing technique is used every year by Apple, OnePlus and other manufacturers who are looking for a way to get the highest expectations that now getting that Pixel XL Google. Yesterday we met there some previous estimates of 3-4 million units sold in the second half of this year.

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