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Instagram will warn of the screenshots in Stories

Si haces capturas en Instagam Stories, lo sabrán

Instagram Stories evolution continues and its resemblance to Snapchat is growing. something that has not gone unnoticed by users of these applications. Equal to that in this latest app, users can send ephemeral messages, i.e., messages with photos or videos, even in real time, which disappear once are seen. And just as in Snapchat, Instagram will somehow protect these messages with the same weapon: the tip-off.

In Snapchat, if someone takes a picture of the screen, the user is warned (though there are forms and tricks to bypass this protection, as sure you already know). As well, now Instagram also incorporates since its last update this functionality, so If you make a screenshot of the user will be informed that your message has been captured.

There is to point out that this functionality only form part of Instagram Stories. I.e., that only there will be tipped when is capture the screen during the vision of one of these new messages ephemeral. And can seem a nonsense, but there are much people to which this you strip for back at the time of make a capture. Some shame in anonymity that provide social networks is still.

In fact, the announcement of this new feature it aroused great controversy among Instagram users, but mainly because poorly understood the thing. Until the developers of the application did not specify that there would only be notices of the catches in Instagram Stories messages, it relatively spread panic among users who thought that you are out of privacy when it comes to capturing your favorite images, each for the purpose that you like.

But do not worry, because you can keep capturing photos on Instagram without problem, if one of your usual practices. That Yes, if you want to do it in Stories, you’ll have to “give face”.

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