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Leverages!! All these packs of icons for Android free only now

What a coincidence! Just this morning I brought a selection of free applications to tune your Android smartphone with hundreds of different and original wallpaper, and now I bring you a list of free icons packs with which your smartphone or Android tablet will be even more different and personal.

As you already know, and if it does not I tell you now, Google finally made possible that the developers can offer their temporarily free payment applications, so now these developers already are beginning to take advantage of this opportunity to promote their apps.

To start the week, there is a selection of packs of icons for Android that are currently available for free at Play Store of Google. The normal price of these applications of icons is, at least, a euro, although many of them cost more than that.

The list of packages of icons, from multiple developers, has been collected in the GooglePlayDeals subreddit by the reeditores ChicoDaEstrebaria and SirVeza, and later also collected by Android Authority.

This is the complete listing and can be accessed directly by clicking on any of them. Remember that it is an offer for a limited time so that you will have to hurry to take advantage of the discounts:

  • Krix Icon Pack
  • Mellow Dark – Icon Pack
  • Willx Icon Pack
  • Lens Icon Pack
  • Coffee – Icon Pack
  • SL Theme Dera Pink
  • TwoPixel Dark – Icon Pack
  • TwoPixel Light – Icon Pack
  • Rest – Icon Pack

Previous icons packs include a wide variety of styles to suit all tastes. Users will find icons of minimalist style to others much more ornamental and colorful, so you probably find icon set perfect for any of the wallpapers you have ever seen in the applications of this morning.

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