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Pokemon Go are updated and these are the news

Pokémon GO

The launch of Pokémon Go ago few months was a resounding success. Almost immediately he was the number one of the top downloads on Android as iOS devices beating the record of the footballer Candy Crush. Much of this huge success has due to the nostalgia of many users but also a game factor which, from its “retro” touch, has managed to get adapted to the new mobile technologies.

Having reached its peak of success, Pokémon Go started losing bellows, commonplace after the euphoria of the early days and weeks however Niantic, company that is behind the development of this game, has not stopped releasing updates that have improved with new features and functions. And now we have a new update with new features.

What’s new in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go to Android just from receiving a new update that it sita in the version 0.43.3. Is is of a update less that is focused mainly to the solve some errors that are have detected during the time of life of the version preceding (as those spaces in white that remained in them texts) but as always, also includes any another novelty that continues improving the experience of user.

From the own Pokémon Go web site, the company informs us about the new features in this new version:

  • Professor Willow found that eggs have different patterns depending on the distance necessary to incubate them.
  • Added the type of Pokemon icons to the information screen for each Pokémon.
  • It has added an indicator of battery low for Pokemon GO Plus.
  • Minor corrections of texts

The new version of Pokémon Go for Android is already being deployed globally. You will probably already have it available but if it isn’t, calma!, will be matter of hours.

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