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Possible a S8 Galaxy without bevels to the my MIX of Xiaomi?

Galaxy S7

Already met a few days ago more rumors about the Galaxy S8 in regard to the use of the optical fingerprint recognition, which the sensor will be integrated in the screen itself. If we have a phone that has a sensor in the same screen, we have to think in the MIX my Xiaomi.

And if we think that Samsung has been the first company to manufacture mass those S6 Galaxy edge and S7 edge, would not be crazy to come up, than who better than Samsung to have ready a Galaxy S8 with a screen similar to that has smartphone concept of Xiaomi. Apart from leaving competitors to drag with a phone that would be the best criticism, it would remove in the middle that received bad publicity with what has happened with Note 7.

An ACE up his sleeve for Samsung?

When writing the previous post and to rethink the very idea which is that Samsung will presumably include an optical sensor integrated into the display, coupled with an officer of the company has declared that they will play it by a renewed design, how it may not be possible that, If Xiaomi has been able to launch an Mi MIX with a smartphone without bevels would not be able Samsung?


Which company does experience in making mass terminals with screen edge with curved sides? What you would cost carry those same side to the part superior if Xiaomi also it has made? He manufacturer Chinese has had that devise a new form of understand a handset for to make calls, and Samsung will incorporate a sensor optical of footprints that will be in the same screen, by what may play with them forms and launch something quite surprising.

Some might say that it can not be, because Xiaomi can only produce 10,000 units of the Mi MIX per month, but this is because it is manufactured completely in ceramics. The slump would be that handset that we don’t have information, but yes Xiaomi has been able, for which no Samsung?

A very hard blow to the rest of rivals

Perhaps that Galaxy S8 with a screen without bevel was a project for the future S9 or S10, but the big problem with Galaxy Note 7 has possibly made that they need a very shocking novelty to kill several birds with one stone; I am not saying two, but several. On the one hand, the bad publicity of the Note 7 which has done damage to the prestige of the brand, on the other hand, has Google Pixel it will remove customers in this high range that holds in Android and, incidentally, would leave almost on the canvas to an Apple that is looking to the shrews when my MIX and virtual reality look out through the window without almost realizing it.

Galaxy S7 edge

It is also a risk which could take Samsung to the tries to give a very big jump, but I reiterate in this, there is no one better than the Korean manufacturer to make that big step occurs, since the S6 and S7 edge have been the base to bring us a smartphone that is merely a screen and we have the same feelings that got that famous youtuber that we all know and he stayed hooked Xiaomi my mix.

Not passes nothing by dream, but have a Galaxy S8 without bevels and with the quality that often offer Samsung to their phones, would be something almost ideal and a smash hit in sales if all goes as the silk. Another thing would be that I had a problem anywhere, since it would be the last straw for Samsung. Dreams of living man, we’ll see if through these leaks will drawing the future Galaxy S8 which, although don’t have that design without my MIX bezels, surely this change in shapes and visual appearance will mean many satisfactions.

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