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The Galaxy S8 come with 6 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of storage

Especificaciones Samsung Galaxy S8

Whenever is about the date of release of a ship logo them rumors is multiplied and in occasions, even are contradictory among them. This is also the case of the next Samsung Galaxy S8 that the company South Korean will present in February with occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

You have already heard different rumors about the specifications of the Galaxy S8, as I said, some contradictory, however what is clear is that Samsung is played much (after the disaster of the Note 7), and that neither we know nothing for certain until the device is presented so take this information with due caution.

The rumor circulating at present and that we have been able to know through SamMobile comes directly from China and points out that the Galaxy S8 will have 6 GB of RAM and will be offered in up to 256 GB storage options.

The current S7 Galaxy has 32 GB of internal storage and brought back the microSD card slot that allows its extension so, if this information proves to be true, it would mean a change in strategy by the company. This new strategy would imply that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would coincide with the iPhone 7 Apple in terms of storage, since iPhone 7 can also be achieved with up to 256 GB of internal storage.

In terms of the RAM memory, it had already rumored that the S8 Galaxy could come with 8GB of RAM; now that amount is reduced to 6 GB of RAM, an equally amazing level. But watch out!, because having 8 GB does not necessarily imply better performance with 6 GB, there are many variables that influence the performance of a device, and the truth is that leap into the 6 GB is more logical and previous rumors of 8 GB of RAM for the S8 Galaxy appear to be excessive, but not disposable.

In any case already know what play, wait and be prudent.

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