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The new NVIDIA SHIELD Pro is now available with 500GB HDD and microSD

Shield PRO

In the 2017 CES held in Las Vegas in January, NVIDIA announced a great welcome with another SHIELD. Had a new SHIELD Android TV, although had many similarities with the earlier, by what in several aspects not has complied with the expectations.

The new NVIDIA SHIELD has a very important feature and is the microSD card slot. A capacity to increase the storage of a device that is vital to many users, and more in a console of this magnitude where we have many games. Now is when NVIDIA today announced the immediate availability of the new SHIELD Pro, which is exactly as the old one, but with the microSD slot.

There are certain components that are for themselves the best excuse for access to a new model that can be a pure update in hardware. The new SHIELD Pro is as a merger between the new SHIELD and the old SHIELD Pro. It has new design, new features and innovations of the new Android TV, but maintains the same size and options in storage than the previous model.

This what means is that has 500 GB of disk hard instead of 16 GB eMMC and a slot for the micro SD to increase that capacity of memory internal. By what we have to the SHIELD Pro as the best server multimedia for the home. Also is a system perfect for the gaming and one in which we can forget us of the storage or be playing with discs hard USB external.

Includes the new driver SHIELD and the new remote control, and a new well striking feature if only to have Google Assistant (even with this advantage). He new NVIDIA SHIELD Pro is right now at a price of 299 dollars and includes both to the driver as to the remote. For the more hardcore gamers, you can wait for Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex Human Revolution to her growing repertoire of gaming GeForce NOW streaming.

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