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The Xiaomi Mi 6 could be presented the 6 of February


There is a dance of dates of presentations for all those terminals high range that we will be positioned for the remainder of year around specifications and designs. While the Galaxy S8 could delay until the month of April, LG G6 could stay ahead of their daily date, so still not we can clarify where they will be getting the rest, since these movements are forcing the rest to move tab also.

It is what happens to Xiaomi Mi 6, that yesterday, from various reports arrived from China, put us to the conflict that it is not know when to expect really the launch of one of the ship of Asian manufacturer logo. A source maintains that the advertisement will be made the 14 of February, while the other cries out that is has delayed for the month of April.

But it is that we even have another source that leads us to bring forward the date to February 6, it would be chosen by Xiaomi for the presentation of my 6 in a special event and its sale on the market for some time in the month of March.

He report prior that maintained that the phone is delay until the month of April, has that see with that Samsung not would be capable of producing sufficient chips Snapdragon 835 for Qualcomm. As this goes to be the CPU that goes to be present in the bowels of the my 6, its delay in the production could delay to the rest, for understand best now because the Galaxy S8 not would be seen until the month of April.

Anyway, another Chinese analyst has today released the news that the problems in the manufacturing of chips they are not as bad as some have see, and Xiaomi will begin to receive the SD835 for my 6 for this be announced Feb. 6. We see where everything ends.

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