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This is the first image of Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra

It is being increasingly more interesting event October 4 for everything what can be with. The Google Pixel, DayDream Viewer, Google Home and Chromecast are part of the hardware, but we could also have the first related words with the SO-Andromeda, the combination of Android and Chrome OS product of years of work between the different teams that develop them.

Today we have known the first picture real of the Google Pixel, the more small of them. Now is the time for the first image of the Chromecast 4 K, the dongle from Google that transforms televisions in Smart TVs and that this time bet by the 4 K as indicates its name. We can even call him already Chromecast Ultra, since this will be your name as stated a source on this same day.

He Chromecast Ultra will have the version 1.21 of the firmware and will be sold together with the dongle Chromecast, released the year past. If now is can buy the Basic for 39€ from the shop of Google, the Ultra would cost the double to get to them 70-80€.

The increase in price is due to the greater capacity of the hardware that is capable of performing content streamed with 4 K resolution from a device, as it would be a smartphone, to a TV with HDMI connection. The curious thing about this firmware 1.21, which will arrive in the Chromecast Ultra, is that it was released in beta form Chromecast Preview program members and removed all references to the logo of Chromecast. In place now is is the logo “G” of Google, the same that we see in the image of the Chromecast Ultra.

A great novelty for a dongle that Google has sold many units and that now hopes to present the best excuse to play content in 4 K on a TV that does not have smart capabilities.

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