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Viber now includes a timer for the self-destruction of images and videos


Snapchat was home this striking characteristic, which is inclusion of a timer that determines the time that a photograph can be seen. This so striking form of bet on the ephemeral nature of a ‘moment’, as are the Instagram Stories, has been carried to a multitude of apps like Instagram mentioned it.

Viber is now jumping on the hype train and allows us to put a time limit on the means that we share with contacts or friends in this most dedicated app for audio calls. Another feature that is very important so that we have a little control over the content that we go through this app good striking.

The thing is very simple to choose an video or picture that you are going to send to the receiver, so that you only have to click on the pencil icon to add a screenshot and then find the timer icon in the bottom left of the screen.


We click on it, and now we will be able to choose between 1, 3, 7 and 10 seconds. This is the duration in which the images or video that we have shared may be viewed by the receiver just once you have opened it. At the time of passing the time, will disappear as if by magic.

These are the novelties of Viber:

  • Secret messages: put a limit of time to images and videos so they multiplying once they have been opened
  • Clear chat history: quickly deletes all messages in a conversation
  • Instant video messages: press and hold the icon of instant video to capture the moment with 30 seconds of video as a maximum

Secret messages were already announced by Viber on January 31, but it is this update in which the feature is unfolding. The other two listed features were already implemented previously.

Download: Viber (Free+, Google Play) →

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