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You can now manage all of your contacts in the redesigned Google contacts


Google makes available to the user of a series of websites that come in handy to know some aspects of our own, as it allows us to configure the security level. Other Google sites even offer the latest text entries that we made in the own search engine to delete them if you want.

Google today announced the preview of Google contacts in which Material Design takes the greater role as possible to manage duplicate entries that you have contacts. A quickly through the web of managing all those contacts that we have associated with your Google account, since that facility to link accounts on a phone, it is to access it from the web, and more if possible, if we have one done in magnificent form by the great G.

Now all options are available and has a nicer interface to all levels. This means that in a jiffy you can update contacts with the speed that gives a good keyboard and a mouse.

Are you can access contacts directly to have all the important spaces as contacts, FAQs, duplicate contacts, tags, configuration, support and suggestions in a side navigation pane .

When you enter the website, parts like a notification in which there are all the duplicate contactswill be displayed. We can ignore it or see them so a little arrange our contact list. If we see it we can combine contacts duplicates easily.

A web ready for easy management of contacts, although surely some to take a surprise by the amount of information available, but also think the comfort which is having all contacts associated with the Google account, so we should not scare us so much.

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