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Pique or”infinite loop” between Google Home and Amazon Echo in this video

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At some point would have to meet some amazing and well funny happening as it is put to two assistants of voice you hear between if and are responding. To lack that are intelligent, as it could be a fictional conversation between C3P0 and R2D2, striking two bets of Amazon and Google have some well evident similarities to merge in the living room of our homes.

A user on YouTube wanted to test the capabilities of these two speakers with virtual assistance so that between Amazon Echo and Google Home is “they bitten by”. It is not that they decay really, but one says to the other, and other returns you to reply with the same phrase to be in an infinite loop between the two. Also us is worth to see really the differences and as Home has a better definition in the voice.

You could also say that this video is a form of torture to two computers that are listening to each other to go saying the same thing after another, once while the user will only laughing while watching as their respective LED lights indicating as they will again meet with the same response will be activated.

Home vs Echo

Hope that some day incorporate algorithms for is den has that are responding it same all the time, so will be thing of time that can respond with something as “not understand why me is asking it himself again and again”.

Well curious and amusing video to demonstrate the differences between the two devices. Google Home sounds better the voice of the Assistant, although the manufacturing is more simple when one is about to find the details of the design. We hope that the coming Apple year launch its bid as a voice Assistant, and we can put them in a trio so they are answering among them. That Yes, we will have another premium version of Echo.

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