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Telltale Games announced a new series of games of guardians of the Galaxy

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Telltale Games is well known now for his adventures graphic in which the action increasingly takes more prominence and to bring us to a thread that changes according to the decisions that the players are gaining. This what gets is that the end may be different, if instead of leaving escape to the enemy it had killed.

After know his last bet, that great Batman The Telltale Series, now know that will publish a new series based in the franchise guardians of the Galaxy of Marvel and will continue to the format standard of its series of adventures with five episodes already planned. All other great arrival for it mobile of a franchise that has lot of casual and other both of science fiction and exploration space.

Of time, all is low good raised and in that phase of development initial for them series guardians of the Galaxy, so little is can tell by what terms to the current history that will come when is released. Of all forms, the company left fall some parts of information as will be the possibility of that the players can take different roles through the game:

It energizing mix of humor, emotion, work in team and the thematic of the science fiction of guardians of the Galaxy provides a space greatly satisfactory to explore it through the style only e report of count stories of Telltale. In Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, the players may take different roles of a band of heroes and take the thread conductor through their Getaways around the universe. Us meets be working with one of the partners more creative of the sector of the entertainment and work with Marvel in these series us excited.

Will be in 2017 when will publish this new bet of Telltale Games.

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