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The Guardian leaks details of the Galaxy S8: screen bezels, rear fingerprint sensor and desktop mode

Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy S8 we might almost say that we know everything, but possibly Samsung is keeping an ACE up his sleeve, apart from make sure that competition will not full-time launch their high-end chip Snapdragon 835 on a good dirty play. That ACE up the sleeve is unknown, but we can understand that after the applause given to Xiaomi my MIX with your screen without bevels, Samsung will bring us something.

The Guardian has published a number of details that almost confirm suspicions unfounded previously about the imminent Galaxy S8. And is that in that publication the Rotary of great popularity not is has been parco in features, but has surprised to the own a long string of them for the welcome of the audience that has many desire by know that bring that ship logo of the company Korean.

The Guardian leaks all over the Galaxy S8

These are the characteristics filtered by the British newspaper:

  • A launch expected for April 21
  • Screen sizes between 5 and 6 inches
  • The audio jack is intact
  • Screens are curved, near what we identify as “without bevel“, with little space even for the Samsung logo on the front
  • The fingerprint scanner is passed to the back (do we forget that it is imbued in the front?
  • The storage internal begins in 64 GB with card microSD inclusive
  • USB type-c
  • New VR Gear and Gear 360
  • Camera similar to those phones of the year past with improvements in part increased
  • An unspecified chip, but we all know what will be: the Snapdragon 835
  • Dock and software that make the phone an operating environment “desktop” in Android called DeX

Going into details

Impressive everything you can carry the Galaxy S8 and well curious that the camera be the element that less will be innovated, so we could stay with Google Pixel reigning DxOMark tables for a few more months.

Another important fact is that Samsung bet by the audio jack 3, 5 mm, so it will not force its users to adapters or to buy new ones as did Apple. 835 Snapdragon chip seems it takes more importance, although we will have to confirm its existence, since it sounds very weird that Samsung is the only one that is leaving it to the competition very back and with a popularity of foul play which will be for months or more.

Details are the iris, USB scanner type-c, the inclusion of micro SD card (now that Netflix allows the download to this memory, wins more attractive) and screens curved with minimal bezels which will delight many users to it my MIX of Xiaomi.

Audio jack

Another interesting movement is the propitiated with the basis of internal memory that reaches to the 64 GB. It will force the rest to follow him and will allow users to forget for a few more weeks go by cleaning their phones. The peculiar filtration is that the dimensions of the screens are in doubt, since this Rotary British has not entered into more details, which leaves a wide scope for speculation.

The location of the terminal tracks at the rear sensor is a new move that we didn’t expect, although there were rumors about the possibility. So we cannot ignore those rumors about the option to include the fingerprint sensor on the same screen.

The icing on the cake that desktop called DeX mode, puts it to what is in Continuum of Microsoft but to the Samsung Android. You can connect your S8 in a dock and have the option of launching a desktop based on Android to an external display environment. Versatility is what gives this way and we will have to see how it works when that April 21 is present the S8 Samsung Galaxy. Increasingly more eager for knowledge and expectations at the top, do not think?

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